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08 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090908)

this article is used for reading the messages stored on the sim card here that it can be used to read the SMS messages stored in the SIM card. and for that the class should be derived from the The class should be derived from MMsvSessionObserver. and this is good example for the begineers who are working on reading messages stored in sim card

The article represented here has described the process of reading messages stored in your SIM card. The code represented here includes all the basic information to be included in your MMP file i.e. capabilities and libraries, the header files to be included and source code. The article also mentions that our class which performs this task should be derived from MMsvSessionObserver, so that we can get access to the useful methods of the base class.

The simple method to read messages from sim card illustrated in the article find its importance to the beginners who are more interesed in messaging applications.


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