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28 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090928)

Using REGEX is very important for users to achieve in only 1 or 2 lines of code perform a complex operation that in most cases requires a huge number of lines of code, saving time, effort and cost.

This article discusses the use of regular expressions in Java ME. Java ME does not provide built-in support for regular expressions. The article links to a third party regular expression for Java ME which can be downloaded. The majority of the article is devoted to outlining the notation in which regular expressions can be written. The notation should be familiar to those who have used regular expressions in Java SE. Finally, a code example is given, showing how to import the regular expression library and a basic example of its use.

Because of its lightweight nature, Java ME does not provide any support for regular expressions. This API therefore provides a useful extension for applications where regular expressions can save a lot of time and simplify code. Without regular expressions, code for parsing text from files or downloaded via the Internet can get rather messy and difficult to read and maintain. The article doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining the API, but it is fairly simple and straightforward to use. All the reader really needs is to know how to write regular expressions to match different kinds of patterns.


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