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Talk:Resetting the Live Tile in Windows Phone

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Hamishwillee - Can you please tidy this article?

Hi Mohib

Thanks for taking the time to write this article. Note however that it is important to look at the article and confirm it says what you want before removing the Draft category - at the moment I can still see the text "Add categories below. Remove Category:Draft when the page is complete or near complete". Also you haven't added an Abstract and you've left that text in too.

From a technical point of view this seem useful, but a little more explanation would help. What does setting the URL actually do - I think all you're doing is resetting the background image to some prefixed image in this method.

Lastly, it is really helpful if you can add references to any articles you used. For example in this case, it would be great if you had link to Live Tiles documentation on MSDN.



hamishwillee 05:51, 7 March 2012 (EET)