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Talk:S60 3rd Edition: Application Development

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19 Sep
Article Review by rahulvala (20090919)

This article is very useful for the beginner who are starting their work in mobile application development in the s60 3rd edition symbian C++..

This article give A to Z information about the S60 3rd edition. This article is the journey from opening account in nokia wiki to the first application development in symbian C++.

For developing application user needs software kit which is also provided by link in this article. Also in this article the signing procedure is given either self signed or symbian signed.

Also in this article the products, application development and useful link related to the s60 are given.

06 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090906)

I agree with above statement: article is useful. You can read about S60's architecture, what changed in 3rd edition, you can also get a clue how to develop application for this platofrm with tools installation instructions, there is also a lot content on security and deployment. It is a great introduction to S60, deep with lot of knowledge, but it is also outdated and somewhat too broad (installation of tools should go into separate article for example).

It needs some work to be done to become current. Especially links ( is mentioned, links to also need updating). Pictures aren't of a great quality, and one showing compatiblity has a bug in it - it shows S60 3rd ed being compatible with itself. There are tools mentioned that are discontinued and links to them broken. This are all simple edits, but...

Article has a lot to ofer to the reader. I feel like it too much - article like this, having an ambitious goal of explaining very broad topic is threatened to be too long to read, too long to write, too long to maintain.

Needs more polishing to get thumbs up from me.