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28 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090928)

SW Installer Launcher API is useful to access SW Installer UI services in Symbian. RSWInstLauncher is very useful to install/uninstall application silently, that is sometime needed for one or more reason. This article demonstrates the use of RSWInstLauncher API to install application silently. Note that this API, SW Installer Launcher API, is not part of the public SDK. So you have to download it from SDK API Plug-in before using it. Also do not forgot to add TrustedUI capability before using this API.

The example app doesn't work out of the box.

It attempts to install a package from but it doesn't exist.

You must modify SilentInstEngine.cpp to use your own OTA server and you must sign your own SIS file and host it there.

Might as well just bypass the http stuff and have the sisx you're installing be embedded in your pkg file.

NOTE: If you try to install new version of the application itself, the installer will kill the application that has called it and after that the installer will freeze.


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