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There is something missing in the given example: the call to CScShortcutEngineWrapper::NewL fails with error -46 (permission denied) if the right capabilities is not specified in the elf2e32.exe (post linker) command. The capabilities are ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData, meaning that you need a certificate in order to use this API

Capability missing in the example project

A few comments here:

  • A quick check shows that the example application's MMP file has in its capability statement the capabilities that you say are missing.

CAPABILITY ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData ReadUserData

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ltomuta 13:40, 25 September 2007 (UTC)

Fails on N95 device


I tried to build an example using ScShortcutsEngineWrapper API for N95 device.

Below statement gives out "System Error!" alert note on the device:


But initializing "CScWrapperShortcut" object does not give any error!

May I request for insights on this issue!