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Generate correctly interpretable SVGs

Does any one else have a _lot_ of issues using SVG created with Adobe Illustrator and Ikivo ?

> For which platform? Series 40 or S60? What does it mean "a lot"? Could you please describe what kind of problems? Are you sure that you output your SVG files to SVGT 1.1+ format? S60 supports 1.1+. In S60, you can also view SVG files by opening them via File Manager. This will bypass the JSR-226.

S60 3ed FP 1 SDK has a problem with the content generated by Ikivo. The issue is related to the attribute 'values' for 'animateMotion' and specifying the 'dur' attribute with float values. Ikivo seems to be generate default values to the attributes of the element.

S60 3rd ed FP 1 has some other known issues which are documented at: Portal:Java ME Known Issues Most of them will be corrected in S60 3rd ed FP2. Some phones (or firmware updates) based on 3rd ed FP 1 may already contain the fixes.

As I understand it this article is here just to point out existence of such API in Java ME and documentation of it on Nokia Developer website, which is fine, but I'd like to see and know more before I click through to - so simplest examples and maybe some pictures showing graphics using this API would be great. --warjan 22:20, 3 September 2009 (UTC)


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