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28 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090928)

This article demonstrates how to use low-level drawing operations to create our own vertically scrollable text container. The article provides a detailed code example, showing methods for adding text to the component, managing the scrolling, splitting the text into rows and rendering the component (including the scrollbar). Each block of code is preceded by a brief explanation of its functionality.

The code example is nicely commented and therefore easy to follow. Such a component is useful, because often we want precise control over how text is rendered, and the high-level UI components available for adding text to forms are often very restrictive. However, drawing text on a Canvas means that we have to handle wrapping and scrolling functionality ourselves. This article addresses this, and programmers should easily be able to modify the look and feel of this component to match their own requirements. Both the article and the code example are clear, concise and well-written.

Tyler45 - need full source code

above code is not working, blank screen was displayed. however jar application is working

tyler45 00:33, 25 September 2011 (EEST)

Jappit - Full source code added

Hi Tyler,

I've just added the full source code, just grab the ZIP file at the end of the article. Please let me know if that works for you!


jappit 18:39, 2 October 2011 (EEST)

Rathodjigar - Verticle scroll bar to list


I have list of items which are not fixed. Now if i am adding fix scroll step then it wont be a solution for each and every screen resolution.

Please let me know how can i implement the same.



rathodjigar 13:16, 3 April 2012 (EEST)