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Talk:Sending mail from applications in Java ME

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19 Sep
Article Review by kalki (20090919)

This articles has indicate so hard to find mail4me API source and information and usage of API through practical example.The code given in this article works well as expected and one can try to build their own email client with some new innovative features added to it.
30 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090930)

This article discusses the Mail4ME open source library which simplifies the process of sending and receiving email in Java ME. The article begins with an overview of the basic concepts involved in email, describing how SMTP, POP3 and IMAP servers are involved in sending and receiving email. Several code examples are then provided to illustrate the use of the Mail4Me library. Code examples are provided showing how sending, receiving, deleting and displaying of email can be performed using the Mail4Me library.

The article is extracted from a book, and is very well written. The background on email is thorough and helps to provide the reader with necessary background information that will help him/her understand the process involved in performing basic email functions. The library certainly does simplify the process of sending, receiving and managing email via Java ME. The code examples provided are fairly straightforward and easy to understand.


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