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Talk:Series 40 UI design usability testing webinar - companion article

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I wish I had looked here first after the webinar. I furiously typed the names of the books during the presentation. Then I finished typing the book names from slide 43 of the slide deck. Now, I find hyperlinks to the sites in the wiki.

Test example video by Steve Krug at the bottom of the wiki page is an excellent way to spend 24 minutes. Jacob nielsens blog is also full of great information.

Jan Krebber has given us another great webinar with content that we can really use. I like that Jan always gives us "take home messages" and even "homework" to think about. Interestingly, Jan has usually given us at least one reasonable answer to each question somewhere in his presentation. The "homework" gives us a chance to recall, re-organize, and own the solutions he has put forth while encouraging us to come up with other solutions.

The Checklist example and Timeplan example in this article are worth printing out and referring to while planning and executing usability debugging sessions.

There is one problem. Some of the questions refer to videos which do not load. It is hard to answer questions about a video which one has not seen. Maybe the file server is down. I will try again later.

Time is always limited in the webinars or Jan might have shown the demo. This webinar was 1-1/2 hour in session 1 and 1-3/4 hour in session 2. As usual, all of our questions were answered before the meeting was ended.

I could not get the Series 40 UI Component Demo to run on the emulator, though it did compile. After finding the S40 Visualization wiki, I think I understand that it is not one app, it is a group of sample apps. The contents of the S40 UI Component Demo is well documented with screen shots and notes at:

Krebbix - Thanks for your comments :-)

I will take your ideas and thoughts into account to improve the next talk :-) I think I should be more precise about

  • the links
    • where to find them
    • what is behind
    • and why I do certain things or not
  • that you just need the wiki link to continue, since I have all the additional information there
  • why I placed the videos only in the wiki and did not present them during the talk
  • maybe even demonstrating S40 UI component Demo apps

In the past there were some troubles with videos presented via Adobe Connect. That is why I decided to take the videos out from the actual talk and place them in the wiki. In case you still encounter problems watching the videos, please drop a comment and I will try to use a different implementation.

I am still planning to add (unfortunately not before 18.12.)

  • full task and scenario descriptions
  • categorization scheme

    Krebbix 09:15, 13 December 2012 (EET)


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