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Talk:Show the installed Qt and Qt Mobility version on Symbian and Maemo / MeeGo

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1. You cannot not use capital letters in Maemo package names.

2. You must set 755 permission to debian/rules file.

-> Thanks a lot for reporting those two issues! Added those to my todo list, as I don't have time to go back to the app right now. If you have some time to spare to fix them, I would also appreciate if you could upload an updated version of the tool. In general, it's recommended to go for the newer and more powerful QtInfo info tool now released at: (it's also linked at the bottom of the page)

3. And forcing 4 to QSystemInfo::Version is not going to work with Qt Mobility <= 1.1.

-> About this: true, but in that case the app will still output 1.0.x - so the app works, even though there is of course no more exact version estimation possible. The reason why I was forcing 4 to this value is that the call then works when the app is compiled with Qt 4.6/QtM1.0 (as in the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0) and the phone already has Qt Mobility >= 1.1 installed. So there was thought and testing put into that :)


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