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14 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090914)

The article contains important information to install/ uninstall an application in Qt silently i.e. without user intervention.

The application presented here will install or uninstall a sisx or will show message according to the error occured during installation if installation fails. The API used is QInstaller. The code snippest contained will install/ uninstall HelloWorld application silently. Moreover the code was also tested on Nokia 5800 XPressMusic.

A good article for beginners and intermediate developers to use QInstaller class and study installation/ uninstallation of sisx application silently.

22 Sep
Article Review by fasttrack (20090922)

Article shows the way of install and uninstall from the mobile. It uses to install new application in mobile. At the time of update of application in mobile there is a need of uninstall the last version and install new version. It’s a very common procedure of install and uninstalls application. As it’s a very common but its very vital thing.