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Talk:Simple video player in QML

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CEASER88 - Thank u for a very useful post

I've been struggling with playing video using the QML Video element and i never thought loading it in the main page would be the problem. I'll be waiting for the streaming example. when will you be posting that one?

CEASER88 15:12, 29 September 2011 (EEST)

Vineet.jain - Playing Video on Meego Harmattan device

While playing the video on MeeGo Harmattan device(using the QML video element code), it is necessary to add the credentials related to video playing access in the manifest.aegis file of the project, otherwise the video will NOT be visible.Following credentials needs to be added in the manifest.aegis file:

<credential name="GRP::video" />

<credential name="GRP::pulse-access" />

vineet.jain 09:59, 15 December 2011 (EET)

EDIT : for more info on MeeGo Harmattan security & manifest file, please refer:

Gaba88 - Playing Video on Meego Harmattan device

Thanks vineet, i will try to post my findings on playing this on a MeeGo-Harmattan device. I guess when i wrote the article i tested only on Symbian^3 Anna Device.

gaba88 10:23, 15 December 2011 (EET)

Pkarun88 - Video Not playing on Meego

When i tried to run this player on meego, its accessing the video file which i have given and it showing only the first frame. Its showing the error on console as "Failed to start video surface".

What is the problem? can anyone tell?

pkarun88 14:09, 18 June 2012 (EEST)