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Hamishwillee - Simpler than what?

Hi Nishant

Thank you for your first Nokia wiki article. This isn't a bad first article, but its covering much the same material and not quite as much detail as Uri Mapping in Windows Phone 7. As a rule its good to search on some keywords to see that you're not duplicating material - if you are then its best to extend the original article rather than create a new one.

What do you think about this/how can we fix it?

More generally, naming is quite important - "simpler framework" is good if you explain what its simpler than, or if there is a clear framework everyone uses and this is new.

Aalso, please see the first tip on Category:Windows_Phone, which explains the articles that would be of most use on the wiki.




hamishwillee 05:52, 21 May 2012 (EEST)


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