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Talk:Symbian Scalable UI Framework

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03 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090903)

Article introduces concept of scalable ui - the necessity in the world where there are more and more devices with different resolution. Author presents use cases for different resolutions and orientations, than he lists available resolution in devices (it is a little outdated with nHD 640 x 360 on N97 mini, N97, X6, 5230, 5530, 5800 and probably others I don't know :)). After that he lists APIs for building scalable ui. This section I find a little confusing in that heading have somewhat misleading titles - author names an API and then notes that that name doesn't appear in the SDK help. A bit awkward. Then there are section about scalability for icons and for strings.

I'd like to see more visual examples of different resolutions and how the look and feel of the ui changes in them. Also how the screen's real estate is affected when changing orientation would be nice to know and ponder about.

In summary article nicely presents scalability abilities of S60 (mind it is Avkon, I guess similar article should be created when Qt for S60 will become the dominant ui).