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29 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090929)

This article provides a code example demonstrating how to create a simple tabbed menu control in Java ME. The tabbed menu control supports horizontal scrolling (when the tabs don't fit on the screen) and also allows the programmer to customize the appearance of the tabs. The code example is separated into various sections, showing variables for customizing the appearance of the control, internal variables, code for creating the control, code for navigation and code for rendering the tabbed control.

The code example is nicely written and separated into sections, each of which demonstrates a different aspect of the control. The use of meaningful variable names means that the code is easy to understand. It was also useful that a link was provided which shows the control in action. For those who want a very simple tabbed menu control, this code might well suit their needs. For those wanting something a bit more advanced, they might want to check out some of the other UI frameworks for Java ME, such as the LWUIT and J2MEPolish. Many of these also provide tabbed controls, some of which might provide more advanced functionality, albeit that you're then required to use those UI frameworks in your application. Nevertheless, a useful article, considering that Java ME does not provide a standard tabbed menu control.

Pavankumarragi - how we can do that, if we clicking on tab1 on canvas,we should display a lcdui list screen?

how wen do, if we clicking on tab1 on canvas,we should display a lcdui list screen?

pavankumarragi 15:17, 23 June 2012 (EEST)


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