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Talk:Texture-mapped font for OpenGL ES 1.x

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18 Jan
Article Review by User:FireSwarog (20090118)

This article contains the implementation of the popular approach for rendering fonts in OpenGL. This is a very useful example for Symbian C++ developers, because the source code is transformed to meet the standards of Symbian C++. You could use this example in own games. It should be noted, that currently only several devices, based on Symbian S60, support OpenGL ES. However, it is clear that support this standard will be presented in all major devices in the nearest future.

Mikpeson - S^3 performance

This example is poorly optimized as it uses glDrawElements call for each character. Therefore performance might be poor if you try to render hundreds of characters.

mikpeson 20:18, 22 June 2011 (EEST)