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26 Sep
Article Review by kalki (20090926)

This gives developers an another alternative of code signing their application to remove unwanted security messages while application is running. TTHAWTE is an alternative to code sign your application with cheaper rates than Verisign.

Article explains step by step procedure and instructions on getting and signing application.Very important for those who want to spend less money on application signing.Article content is given after signing application.

28 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090928)

This article discusses the process of signing Java ME midlets using Thawte digital certificates. The article discusses the basic steps involved in getting your midlet signed using a Thawte certificate. The article is split into the five basic steps involved in signing your midlet, namely generating the keystore, buying your certificate, the certification process, importing the digital certificate and signing your application. Links are provided to useful resources related to the Thawte signing process where appropriate.

Having recently gone through the process of acquiring a digital certificate from Thawte and signing midlets using this certificate myself, I can recommend this article. It does a good job of clearly outlining the major steps involved in the signing process. One of the most confusing parts of the process for me was the fact that Thawte uses the rather outdated term “JavaSoft” to refer to code signing certificates for Java. Little (and on some pages no) mention is made of midlets at all, so developers would be forgiven for being a bit anxious about whether they were choosing the correct option. I was pleased to see this mentioned in this article.

The links provided are useful, and I uncovered many of these links myself while figuring out the signing process. It was also nice to see a discussion on how to perform signing in NetBeans. This feature really simplifies the process nicely. Most of the process described in this article is the same, whether one uses Thawte, Verisign, or another Certification Authority (CA).

Crazywizard - Certificate Reusability

I guess the most important question for me is, if I buy the certificate and sign my app with it, will I have to buy another when I release another version?

crazywizard 12:08, 18 March 2012 (EET)


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