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Talk:Theme usability design guidelines

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02 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090902)

Author outlines essential rules for theme creators - theme should have consistent style, readability in theme is high priority, don't abuse colors. I'd like to see more examples of course and all sections filled and maybe some anti examples - to learn from errors of others. I also see animation in theme as an interesting subject - introducing it in a subtle and thought out way improves user experience, but overdoing animation can harm theme badly. So it would be nice to see some tips in this area also.

I really like the topic of theming - what I can see on the screen is usually the thing I can change easily in my mobile and what's on display says a lot about me. I've yet had to fire up Carbide.ui and see what can I do for my 5220, but I am getting closer as I'm reading articles like this one.