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Talk:Tips and Tricks - Using Qt Service Framework in Symbian

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Hamishwillee - Please see the changes I made

Nice article. Can you please see the changes I made to wiki text. In particular,

  • you need to have a whole line space for a new paragraph,
  • use Icode for marking up inline code,
  • use "code cpp" gives you C++ code markup rather than just plain markup.
  • I've removed Symbian C++ category because there isn't any Symbian C++ code
  • I added a SeeAlso link to the Qt reference docs on the Qt Service Framework. It is essential to add links to the libraries, because this helps other users find associated information more easily. I would typically also link the references to objects like QServicePluginInterface

Also, why is this "Symbian specific"? I think its mostly generic to all Qt platforms right? Shouldn't we make this clear?

Also there is only one tip - should we not put this under its own heading?



hamishwillee 05:08, 30 April 2012 (EEST)


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