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How is this done in a native C++ app?

I have tried to implement this using:

->Activated += ref new TypedEventHandler<CoreApplicationView^, IActivatedEventArgs^>

The function is set up as:

void OnActivated(

       _In_ Windows::ApplicationModel::Core::CoreApplicationView^ applicationView,
       _In_ Windows::ApplicationModel::Activation::IActivatedEventArgs^ args

But the following code never seems to trigger:

if (args->Kind == Windows::ApplicationModel::Activation::ActivationKind::Protocol) { }

Also, the following code fails to compile:

Windows::ApplicationModel::Activation::ProtocolActivatedEventArgs^ eventArgs = dynamic_cast<Windows::ApplicationModel::Activation::ProtocolActivatedEventArgs^>(args);

With the message:

namespace "Windows::ApplicationModel::Activation" has no member "ProtocolActivatedEventArgs"