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Talk:Understanding the Symbian C++ Helloworld project

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05 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090905)

Mhm, yummy. I'm very happy to see this article. It presents quite detailed description of roles of file constituting S60 project. I myself like to learn from samples and learning-by-doing. I know that reading docs is important (I've read and liked How do I start programming for Symbian OS?), but this article is shorter than whole SDK docs :).

Being excited about the contents (as an absolute beginner to Symbian C++) I'd like to see this article improve its look - especially the end could use some editorial love (some code fragments, dividing text in paragraphs).

Overall I give it thumbs up, but it is because I think it is a big shortcut to understanding all those files in Symbian projects. Hoping article will get someone to polish it. Myself included.


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