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Featured article, December 14th 2008 (week 51)

29 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090929)

The article very well explains- how to use the touch User Interface for S60 5th Edition. The basic touch gestures are lucidely explained with image implementations and the article presents the code snippests to how to detect them, handle them and use them in your application. S60 5th Edition is fully a touch UI device. So it is very necessary to get aware of the basic touch gestures and how to use them.

The presented code snippests can be useful to create new touch gestures for your applications. It provides the basis for doing the same. Code snippests are very well explained with comments. This article also provides a demostrated example for further reference.

This article can be very beneficial to every developer who is working on creating S60 5th edition applications.

29 Sep
Article Review by vkmunjpara (20090929)

This article explains all about touch gestures and how it works in touch phones. Basically touch gesture means moving finger on touch phones in a particular direction. When we moves our finger in a left to right direction in a music player, song going forward.

This is effect of gesture. So here this article is a complete documentation about touch gesture as it provides vast information of it with code and snapshots. Mobile Application developer for S60 5th Edition can get a vast knowledge from this document because touch phones’ application requires need for touch gesture concept.