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Talk:Using built-in GPS and Google Maps for JavaScript in WRT to display your current position

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Featured article, June 14th 2009 (week 25)

05 Sep
Article Review by gaba88 (20090905)

Location Based Applications are always interesting to develop and attractive when they are used. Now a days with almost all S60 devices are GPS enabled which creates a new platform for the developers to explore on it.

This wonderful article authored by Felipe Andrade demonstrates a step by step procedure on how we can use the our built in GPS of a S60 5th edition device to display our position in the Google Maps.

The article start with very basic of how to use javascript api followed by how we can make a icon and update it. Later it takes us in the details of getting the postion and making it display on google maps. This script is very dynamic and updates your position with regards to your GPS inputs.

I like the article, but I don't get it why is code for changing marker presented before code that creates the map. A reference to Google Map docs would be useful.

warjan 23:11, 5 September 2009 (UTC)