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Talk:Using scrollbars in Symbian container control

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Comments: This article is very useful for the initial study and creation of custom scroll bar on container. Although, after directly using this code, someone might not be able to view scroll bar on screen... For such problem, one should add following code during the creation of scroll bar along with the code given in the article

 TEikScrollBarModel verticalModel = TEikScrollBarModel();
 verticalModel.iThumbSpan = 1;
 verticalModel.iThumbPosition = 0;
 verticalModel.iScrollSpan = 1;
 TRect rect(Rect());
 rect.iTl.iX = rect.iBr.iX-10;
 iScrollBarFrame->Tile(&verticalModel, rect);

After adding above code along with the code given in the article during the creation of scroll bar, scroll bar will be visible. The Thumb movement code is perfectly written in the UpdateScrollBarFrameL function of the article code.. Now, coming to the moving item upward or downward along with thumb, it might possible that given article function ShowNextItem and ShowPrevItem not work perfectly for your application as every application has different requirement for design of container. So, one might need to work on that functions as per their needs. Overall it is a good article for custom scroll bar creation.