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Hi, I think there is an error in this document. In

void CModel::RunL(void)

the RxL function is call with an argument (iSocketType). But in the definition, there is no argument :

void CRx::RxL ( ) //class CRx derived from CActive
// Issue read request
iSocket->RecvOneOrMore(iDataBuffer, 0, iStatus, iRecvLen);

I apologize if it is not the place to signal it.

Full example?

The article contains code snippets which are obviously taken out of a more complete example. Shouldn't there be a fully working examle somewhere, or did I miss something?

18 Sep
Article Review by sunil.shetty (20090918)

A good article for developers wanting to understand the basics of socket-communication and its implementation in symbian.

Each line of code is theoretically explained in detail and hence is very helpful especially for beginners having minimal knowledge of socket-communication.

26 May
Article Review by khamsasa (20110526)

Receiving data Using unconnected sockets - the second overload:
void RecvFrom(TDes8& aDesc, TSockAddr& anAddr, TUint flags, TRequestStatus& aStatus, TSockXfrLength& aLen);

actually DOES NOT return the amount of received data in aLen. It is also stated in the SDK help.