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23 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090923)

This article provides a useful overview of the process involved in signing a Java MIDlet. If anything, the title is a bit of a misnomer, as the steps involved are no different whether you are signing with a Verisign certificate or a Thawte certificate. The article gives a nice step by step overview of the different steps involved in the process, although the steps are more than likely “borrowed” from another source, as cited at the bottom of the article. One small thing to note is that the path to the JDK is usually in c:\program files\java\jdk these days, rather than the path specified in the article.

One other thing to remember when signing using the steps described in this article – don’t forget the password you use when generating your keystore! You will need this once you have signed your keystore using the digital certificate in order to unlock your key pair. “Step 2” under the heading “Signing the Midlet” can actually be accomplished easily using NetBeans, by right-clicking on the project name, going to Properties ->Build->Signing. You simply need to import your keystore and your installer files will be digitally signed. This eliminates having to enter textual commands using a text editor or command-line interface and speeds up the building process as it only has to be performed once.

From personal experience, there is quite a difference in price between the different suppliers. If the devices you are targeting support all the different certificates, go for the cheapest option!

24 Sep
Article Review by vkmunjpara (20090924)

This article is about signing your application with third party certificate. Because if you want to use some API like JSR-75 , JSR-205 and JSR-135 in your application, you want to first sign your application to a particular certificate. Here in this example VeriSign and Thawte is given. This article briefly explains how you can sign your application to third party.

So this is an important information for every application developer.