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25 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090925)

This interesting article describes fundamental aspects of the view usability. Basically, the view is the basic part of any applications so, it should be design very carefully with its all functionality.

The author has mentioned various types of views like fly in out view, grid style view, list view, tabbed view, detailed view and setting view with attractive screenshots. The screenshots illustrated in the article, makes it easier to understand this view usability.

The author has explained some common usability guidelines. In the article, he has also mentioned various functionality supported by views and implementation of view on Symbian.

This is a nice article in usability categories. The author has also given some references for understanding view usability in a suitable manner.

Mayank: I strongly believe that view is something different form layout. My original article was to lets the developer know how to use multiple view and handle them. The original article was not about to implementing different layout in application, neither Fly in-out nor Grid Style layout.

How splash screen is related to view? Better to add about splash screen in Splash screen Usability article.