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Talk:WRT Service API Synchronous and Asynchronous calls

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Featured article, November 30th 2008 (week 49)

30 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090930)

This article provides fundamental knowledge about how to control synchronous and asynchronous calls and explains how these both call types differ from each others and when to use these both call types.

In the article, the author has well explained various methods like behavior, returned value and callback method for both synchronous as well as asynchronous calls. But, There is some exceptions for supporting both calls in all these methods for example , the IMessaging.GetList() method from the Messaging service API supports only synchronous calls, while the IDataSource.GetList() method from Media Management service API supports only asynchronous. Here, the author has also given sample user case which shows how to retrieve contact list with both synchronous and asynchronous calls.

One of the valuable article for handling synchronous and asynchronous calls.