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Talk:Working with ChoiceList API - S60 Touch UI

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21 Sep
Article Review by User:FireSwarog (20090921)

Another useful example that demonstrates the new features of S60 5th. The article shows how you can use classes from ChoiceList API to provide user a choice from several alternatives.

The code snippet shows how to create a list to choose how to respond on the user's choice. You can realize own event handler with the help of observer pattern and interface MCoeControlObserver, such approach is very popular in Symbian C++. Furthermore, the author added a working demo project, which can be used for more detailed study of new opportunities for various kinds of experiments.

28 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090928)

Apart from CAknPopupField, CAknChoiceList is considered as a alternative to drop-down list box of desktop system. As class CAknChoiceList is introduced in S60 5th edition, it is important to understand how to use CAknChoiceList efficiently. Article describes a way to implement CAknChoiceList and useful methods that can be used to enhance functionality of choice list. A working code example will be useful for more detailed study.