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This template is used to add tip or hint guidance to an article.

Note: using the equals (=) and pipe (|) characters inside the template parameters prevents them working properly. These characters should be replaced with the = and | codes respectively.


{{Tip|your text}}

Optional parameters:

  • language: The language category of the natural language the template is to display in. If no language is specified or if the specified language is not supported then the English version is used.
    • Translations exist for: Lang-Portuguese, Lang-Chinese, Lang-Russian, Lang-Bahasa Indonesia
    • For example:
      {{Tip|language=Lang-Chinese|your text}}

      Tip.png提示: your text

      Tip.pngDica: your text

      Tip.pngСовет: your text

      Tip.pngSaran: your text


Tip.pngTip: {{{1}}}

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