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This template is used to add an abstract (short description to your page) that can then be used to represent the page externally (e.g. in generated lists). The abstract is visible by default, but you can set it as hidden using a flag (visible=false).


{{Abstract|Short text describing topic}}

The abstract is visible by default - you need to add visible=false to hide it


  • Abstracts should not include images, as not every use of the text will be able to interpret them.
  • Invisible abstracts should not include any pipe characters (|) even in links. This is a limitation of the retrieval function, which will detect a pipe as the end of the abstract.
  • Using the equals (=) and pipe (|) characters inside the template parameters prevents them working properly. These characters should be replaced with the = and | codes respectively.

Retrieving the Abstract

The abstract can be retrieved from a page using DPL as done on the table here. If you just need a short description from a particular page, you can use the {{GetAbstract|page name}} template.

For example the abstract for page Template:GetAbstract is:

Gets the abstract/short description for a specified page

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