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This template defines which portal signpost icons are added for portals linking to the current article. This should be maintained by wiki admin and is not for direct use (it is used through Template:RelatedPortals). Note that this uses Template:SignpostBoxWindowsPhonePortalLinkTile for the icon, which despite its name is used for all platforms (Asha and Symbian)

Internal use only.


Not for direct use. Available colours are:

  • nokiablue
  • nokiapurple
  • nokiacyan
  • blue
  • brown
  • green
  • lime
  • magenta
  • mango
  • orange
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • teal
  • viridian
  • Below are Series 40 colours
  • games= #942478
  • phone= #64AF2D
  • maps= #128406
  • messaging= #0D97BC
  • email= #0D97BC
  • contacts= #0082BC
  • conversations= #0066BA
  • im= #128406
  • accounts= #0066BA
  • browser= #1B34B2
  • store= #1B34B2
  • photos= #2C00A5
  • videos= #6222A0
  • music= #E50C98
  • radio= #EC297B
  • calendar = #E21429
  • clock= #F74000
  • feeds= #FF5B00
  • documents= #FF5B00
  • apps = #FF5B00
  • calculator= #FFA300
  • notes= #F7D303
  • camera= #6D6E70
  • search= #6D6E70
  • settings= #6D6E70
  • guide= #6D6E70


The default template adds links back to portals the article is in. The appearance is as shown in the top right corner

SignpostIcon Gear 52.png
SignpostIcon Asha Connectivity.png
SignpostIcon Upload 52.png
SignpostIcon GamesController 52.png
SignpostIcon Code 52.png
SignpostIcon Baby 52.png
SignpostIcon Palette 52.png
SignpostIcon Localization 52.png
SignpostIcon MapAndLocation 52.png
SignpostIcon HereMaps 99.png
SignpostIcon Butterfly 52.png
SignpostIcon Messages 52.png
SignpostIcon TableLamp 52.png
SignpostIcon FilmReel 52.png
SignpostIcon Wifi 52.png
WP Metro Icon NFC.png
SignpostIcon Graph1 52.png
SignpostIcon FloppyDisk 52.png
SignpostIcon Asha Porting.png
SignpostIcon Temperature 52.png
SignpostIcon Armor 52.png
SignpostIcon MobilePhone 52.png
SignpostIcon Ant 52.png
SignpostIcon Tools1 52.png
SignpostIcon Asha UI.png
SignpostIcon Web 52.png
SignpostIcon XML 40.png
SignpostIcon Asha OtherCategories.png
SignpostIcon Warning 52.png
SignpostIcon Gravestone 52.png
SignpostIcon Gravestone 52.png
WP Metro Icon Chinese.png
SignpostIcon HereMaps 99.png
SignpostIcon Nokia Asha 52.png



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