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This template adds an announcement to an article. This is intended primarily for category and other main wiki entry point pages.

Note: using the equals (=) and pipe (|) characters inside the template parameters prevents them working properly. These characters should be replaced with the = and | codes respectively.


{{Announcement|title=your title|link=name of target article|timestamp=YYYYMMDD|expiry=YYYYMMDD|your text}}


  • the first unnamed parameter is the announcement text
  • title: (Optional) title
  • link: (Optional) link to announcement article - e.g. link=An Article
  • timestamp: (Desirable) timestamp when article was created in YYYYMMDD format.
  • expiry: (Desirable) timestamp when article expires (in YYYYMMDD format). Default is never. If this is set a message is displayed whenever now>expiry date
  • image: (Optional) if the announcement requires a non standard image
    • height: (Optional) if the box uses a non standard image bigger than 40 pixels, height needs to be specified.

Articles with announcements

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