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Apply this template to articles that have been replaced by off-wiki library/official content in order to provide a clear signpost to the new material. Unlike Template:Archived the content is still searchable. After some time the content can then be archived.

Internal use only.


Copy-paste the text below into the target article, .

{{Deprecated|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|user=~~~|Link to library or alternative content.}}

The following parameters are optional

  • timestamp: Apply a timestamp so its clear when this was deprecated. Usually just copy-paste timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}
  • user: Your user id, so its clear who made the decision
  • Unnamed parameter: Text explaining why the article has been deprecated. MUST include link to alternative content.
{{Deprecated|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|user=~~~|Link to library or alternative content}}
  • language: The language category of the natural language the template is to display in. If no language is specified or if the specified language is not supported then the English version is used.
    • At time of writing no translations exist for: Lang-Portuguese, Lang-Chinese, Lang-Russian, Lang-Bahasa Indonesia, but you can still apply the parameter, and when translations are added they will be used.
    • For example:
      {{Deprecated|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|user=~~~|language=Lang-Chinese|your text}}

      Archived.pngDeprecated: your text

Articles List

Article Timestamp User Reason
An A to Z preliminary guide for a game developer  20130731031626   hamishwillee (talk  This article contains content which comes from an old version of the developer's library. See instead:  
Best practice tips for delivering apps for the Lumia 520  20130530   jaaura    This article is deprecated because it's content has been incorporated into a new article How to adapt to Lumia phones' hardware features available in the Nokia Lumia Developer's Library  

Note, this depends on Template:Deprecated.dpl

Default appearance

The default appearance of the template, without the unnamed explanatory parameter specified, is shown below:

Archived.pngDeprecated: ADD TEXT linking to content that replaces this article.

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