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This template is used to display correctly formatted text for a specified featured article. The featured article must have an abstract defined.

Note that the output is slightly different on the Wiki Home page than if used elsewhere (week string is omitted, and link is provided to Featured Articles page)


{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Name of article|image=FilenameImage.ext|week=Week 11 - March 13th 2011}}
  • unnamed parameter: The name of the article
  • image: The image to be displayed
  • week: The "week" the article was featured. Optional (and not displayed) on Wiki Home.

Optional parameters

  • user: The template will work out the original author from the wiki. Occasionally the article will be created from stub, in which case you can specify user=username (e.g. user=hamishwillee) to change the default.
  • width: The (optional) width of the image in pixels (e.g. width=30). Default is 160
  • name: The optional name you can display instead of the real article name. Usually used to display just the page name for subpages.
  • video: The id of a youtube video to play. This is used only if an image is not specified. You can change the service and width using the following optional parameters:
    • service: Defaults to youtube. See Help:Embedding Video for other options
    • width: Width of the video - defaults to 150px
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