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Internal use only.

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Lists recently created articles.

The template allows you to control the appearance and content of the list by restricting the number of items shown, add categories, show hidden articles, specify the language etc.

It is also possible to automatically add a heading IFF there are items in the list, and to make it collapsible and default collapsed.


{{ListRecentlyCreated|category name}}

where category name is any category. The maximum number of topics that can be listed will be displayed. If no category is specified, recently edited 'English' topics will be displayed. Other parameters may be passed as pipe separated values

  • Un named parameters: Up to 7 un-named parameters are treated as additional categories included in the search (ie the union of all topics in all categories specified as unnamed parameters will be part of the results set)
  • count: The number of values to return. If unspecified this will be the maximum number that can be returned by DPL
  • language: The category of the specific language returned values are to be restricted to. Default is English. If all is specified then there will be no language filtering.
  • andcategory (and andcategory2): Topics returned will be in the intersection of unnamed parameters and categories specified in andcategory and andcategory2
  • notcategory: Topics returned will not inlcude those in the specified notcategory
  • platformfilter: Filters topics on the categories associated with the platform - values are:-Windows Phone, Nokia X, Nokia Asha, Symbian, Meego, Java ME

By default the author is shown, categories are not shown, article names are displayed full length and knowledgbase articles are included in the output. These can be changed using the following parameters:

  • columns: Sets the number of columns. Default is to list articles in one column
  • crop: If specified, article titles will be restricted to this length
  • showauthor=false: Hides the author - by default the author is shown
  • showkb=false: By default knowledgebase articles are included. If this parameter is specified as false, the articles will be removed
  • addcontribution=true: Shows bytes of new article
  • showcategories=true: If specified, categories will be listed in output
  • showdrafts=true: If true, draft items will be shown (hidden by default)
  • showhidden=true: If true, articles in categories FNWiki, Archived, Draft, Advertising are shown (hidden by default)
  • showcreatedate=true: If true, the creation date will be displayed. By default this is hidden.
    • setdateformat: If specified, used formatstring with letters like "y,Y,m,M,d,D,h,H,i,I,s"
  • uses: Specify the templates that must be in articles in the list .Note that to specify multiple templates use the half pipe - e.g.
    uses=Template:KBKI ¦ Template:KBTS ¦ Template:KBCS
  • notuses: Specify the templates that must not be in articles in the list .Note that to specify multiple templates use the half pipe - e.g.
    notuses=Template:KBKI ¦ Template:KBTS ¦ Template:KBCS

Heading mode - for displaying a heading automatically with the list

  • addheading=true: Adds level 2 heading "Recently Edited" (in the supported language). In this mode the heading will disappear if there are no returned results
    • collapsible=true: To make the heading collapsible - by default it is not collapsible and is expanded
      • collapsed=true: To make the heading collapsed when loaded

Tab mode - for displaying the list in a tabber control

  • tab=true: Adds list with in tab format.
    • heading: (optional) heading to be used for the tab - defaults to "Recently Edited"
    • tabheading: (optional) heading to be used for the list INSIDE the tab. By default there is no such heading.

Default List

The default list includes recently edited English topics in any category, excluding minor edits.


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