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This template adds the "more work needed" note. This should be applied to articles that need a large amount of work to be fit for use, such that it is impossible to list it all. Where possible Template:ArticleNeedsUpdate should be used in preference. Articles that have this template for too long without being fixed should be deleted or turned into "Stubs" or deleted..


{{NeedsMoreWork|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|user=~~~|Text explaining issues (optional)}}

The parameters are optional:

  • timestamp: Apply a timestamp to make it easy to determine when the article was highlighted as problematic. Usually just copy-paste timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} ~
  • user: User id of person recording issue. You can use the wiki syntax ~~~ to add your user id
  • Unnamed parameter: Text explaining what changes or testing is needed, if its possible to do so
  • language: The language category of the natural language the template is to display in. If no language is specified or if the specified language is not supported then the English version is used.
    • Translations exist for: Lang-Portuguese, Lang-Chinese, Lang-Russian, Lang-Bahasa Indonesia
    • For example:

      Warning.png本文不符合维基质量标准: 为使文章更有用,请按质量标准的要求加入链接 或其他信息。当你这样做了之后,你可以从文章中删除 {{NeedsMoreWork}} 模板,以消除此警告。

      原因: Your explanation

      Warning.pngEste artigo não atende os padrões de qualidade da wiki: Este artigo não atende aos padrões de qualidade do wiki: Por favor, ajude a melhorá-lo acrescentando links ou informações relevantes para solucionar o problema da qualidade. Após isso ser resolvido, por favor retire do artigo o modelo {{NeedsMoreWork}}, para que este aviso seja removido.

      Motivos: Your explanation

      Warning.pngТребуется доработка: Данная статья не удовлетворяет стандартам качества. Для повышения информативности материала рекомендуется добавить дополнительную информацию или привести ссылки на нее. После этого Вы можете удалить шаблон {{NeedsMoreWork}}, чтобы убрать это предупреждение.

      Причины: Your explanation

      Warning.pngArtikel ini tidak memenuhi syarat dasar wiki: Silahkan membuat artikel ini menjadi lebih baik dengan menambahkan tautan atau informasi tambahan seperti yang dibahas dalam kualitas standar. Ketika anda sudah melakukannya anda dapat menghapus template {{NeedsMoreWork}} dari artikel ini untuk menghilangkan peringatan ini.

      Alasan: Your explanation

Articles which use this template

Article Timestamp User Reason Language
Compile and run Qt application for Maemo - - -
SDK and Carbide.c++ installation guide 20110613041239 hamishwillee - -
Java domínios de segurança 20111014003336 lpvalente A tradução parece que foi feita com uma ferramenta de tradução automática. O artigo precisa ser reescrito. Lang-Portuguese
Mobile Design Pattern: Tab in Browser 20110613041305 hamishwillee Insufficient information -
AIF Builder - - -
Comparing memory management on Symbian and Maemo Platforms - - -
Mobile Design Pattern: Search In Mobile - - -
Issue with SVG icon display on 3rd edition - - -
Fundamental Types in symbian 20110613041153 hamishwillee - -
Setting Item List panics - - -
Nokia E90 Keyboard Scan Codes - - -
Reading Unicode files in JavaME - - -
Sending VCal using RsendAsMessage - - -
How to create project in Carbide.c++ for the s60 - - -
How to install Bluetooth Driver for S60v3rd SDK - - -
Extract any text which appears on the screen - - -
Using Bluetooth with S60 and Maemo Platforms - - -
Sandbox/Hamishwillee/WikiTests/InformationBoxes - - -
How to load google ads in widget 20121010052948 hamishwillee The article is incomplete and does not include enough information for developers to create a full solution. -
Comparing application localization on S60 and Maemo Platforms - - -
Midlet installation and files created - - -
Makefile - - -

This list uses Template:NeedsMoreWork.dpl


Warning.pngThis article does not meet the wiki quality standards: Please make it more useful by adding links or additional information as discussed in the quality standards. When you have done so you can delete the {{NeedsMoreWork}} template from the article to remove this warning.

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