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Creates an external link to "core" Qt reference documentation from a named api item.

Warning.pngWarning: Creates links to Core Qt classes. Qt Mobility APIs are documented separately, and will not be linked by this template.


The template constructs an external link to Qt core reference documentation for objects and functions

For example:

{{Qapiname|QGraphicsItem::QGraphicsItem(QGraphicsItem *)}}

Optional parameters:

  • version. A Qt documentation version can be specified (e.g. version=4.6 or version=latest'). The default value is stable, which Nokia automatically redirect to the latest documentation set.

How it works

Qt's core documentation is found at the URL: //doc.qt.nokia.com/version/apiname.html#anchor, where:

  • version is latest, stable or a release number (ie 4.6)
  • apiname is the object type in lower case (e.g. qstring)
  • anchor is the method name (case sensitive)



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