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This template returns a "random" item from the set specified in as parameters.

The "random" number is based on the date/time in seconds + an offset. The default update by seconds means that the selected options are updated every page refresh - you can change the seed to a different time using the "seed" parameter. The offset allows you to use the random selector at multiple points in the page and get different results (just add a new number for each instance)

Internal use only.

This template is used by Template:RandomWikiHomeCategory.


{{RandomSelector|items=number of items/un-named parameters|offset=a number|item1|...|itemN}}

The parameters are:

  • items: (mandatory) The number of items in the random list (number of un-named parameters). This must be specified in order to increase the efficiency of the calculation.
  • offset: (optional) Offset to current seed. Allows a different "random" selection if selector used more than once on a page. Usually just update number by one for every instance of the template on the page
  • seed: (optional) completely changes the seed. By default the seed is the time (in seconds) which implies an update every time page is refreshed.
  • Un named parameters: up to 12 parameters


The default template does not have an appearance



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