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This template is used in list generation (internally) of articles that have Related portals. It is part of test code in Sandbox/Hamishwillee/Scratchpad2

Internal use only.

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{{Insert name of template|named parameter}}

The parameters are:

  • Un named parameters: describe unnamed parameters
  • parameter1: description of parameter1, including default values
  • parameter2: description of parameter2, including default values
  • etc



The default template does ...

DEBUG: Running query because we are not on Category or Portal page

%DPL-1.3.7-ERROR: Wrong '$0' parameter: 'linksto'! Help: $0= full pagename.

  • first unnamed parameter (title): {{{%PAGE%}}}
  • Full page name: Template:RelatedPortals.dpl.default
  • titleparts full page name: Template:RelatedPortals.dpl.default
  • Links to: {{{%PAGE%}}}
  • Namespace - note only reliable on actual page (is namespace of current page not of specified page) Template
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