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Creates an URL link for sending messages to another page (retrieved using Template:UrlArgument).

The messages are sent in the URL as parameters, which can be retrieved in the destination page. If no destination page is specified, the link is created back to the current page.

Any messages in any character set can be sent and will be decoded by Template:UrlArgument. At time of writing the only issue is that multiple spaces in the sent message are decoded as a single space.


To create a link to the current page with a value in the DPL_arg1 parameter:

{{SetUrlArguments|DPL_arg1=Value to set in DPL_arg1}}

The optional parameters are:

  • DPL_arg1 to DPL_arg5. These arguments can be specified in any order with any values. You can specify no parameters, but there isn't much point!
  • page : The page name you want for the destination link (note, page name, not page URL).
  • DPL_scrollDir : Scroll direction (used in lists). Values normally dn or up

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