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This template creates a "signpost" which is used on Windows Phone portal pages as a visually attractive high level link to more detailed resources.

Internal use only.

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This is intended for use by Nokia Developer moderation.


|title=Your title
|link=page name or url

The parameters are:

  • title: Main title of signpost. Keep very short
  • link: Main title of signpost. Ideally restrict to one line

The optional parameters are:

  • itemcount: (optional) count of items in linked category
  • colour: (optional) colour of signpost: blue, brown, green etc (colours shown below in examples).
    • If not specified a random colour is used - note that the random colour is based on the length of URL and title and the value of the icon count - so it is possible to have multiple "random numbers" with same result.
    • You can specify different numbers of randomseed for each tile to ensure that different colours are used.
    • The random colour is restricted to colours known to work well together by Nokia
  • icon: (optional) filename of icon to display: e.g. fred.png. Should be about 48px square
  • icon-top-position: (optional) vertical position of icon - required if default not OK
  • itemcount-text-position: (optional) vertical position of "item count" text
  • text-colour: (optional) Colour of text - defaults to white
  • tile: (optional) Image to use for background tile
  • topright: (optional) If any value is specified the tile move above the TOC. Useful on windows phone portal pages.
  • linkleft: If specified creates a link to the specified page as a "left arrow"
  • linkright: If specified creates a link to the specified page as a "rightarrow"




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