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Test range uids

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Created: lenclud (15 Oct 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 Jul 2012)

This is the place for developer to publish their test range UIDs in an effort to avoid UID clashes. Test range UIDs are between 0xE0000000 and 0xEFFFFFFF. Nowadays, considering the lack of freeware signing process, developers are often publishing freeware using Test range UIDs so that power user can make use of "Symbian Signed Online" to take advantages of freeware requiring non-grantable capabilities.

UID Claimer Purpose
0xE9760001 lenclud MS3D Viewer secure UID and PKG UID
0xE9760002 lenclud MS3D Viewer recognizer UID
0xE9760003 lenclud MS3D Viewer recognizer implementation UID
0xE9760004 lenclud Data Type Registry application and PKG UID
0xE9760005 lenclud Data Type Registry recognizer UID
0xE9760006 lenclud Data Type Registry recognizer implementation UID
0xE9760007 lenclud Prototype
0xE9760008 lenclud Prototype
0xExxxxxxx noone none
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