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ThakirPrayerTimes QML - app showcase

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Thakir_PrayerTimes provides prayer times for many cities in many countries. This article explains the main elements of the app design.

Article Metadata
Code Example
Installation file: ThakirPrayerTimes_QML
Tested with
SDK: SDK built and tested against (Qt SDK 1.2)
Devices(s): Devices tested against: Nokia N8, Nokia X7-00
Platform(s): Compatible platforms: Nokia Belle and later, Qt 4.7.4 and later
Device(s): Compatible devices: All devices based on Nokia Belle (must have internal GPS) except E6-00
Dependencies: QtMobility 1.2, QtMultimediaKit 1.1, Qt Quick Components 1.1
Platform Security
Signing Required: Signing requirements
Capabilities: Capabilities required by application : Location, NetworkServices.
Created: HAF (24 Mar 2012)
Last edited: hamishwillee (20 Apr 2012)



ThakirPrayerTimes_QML is the ported application ThakirPrayerTimes published in ovi store: In this project I am trying to give all features that have ThakirPrayerTimes (used QWidget) to ThakirPrayerTimes_QML where I use exclusively QtQuick and Java script The application use many Qt Quick Components:

  1. PageStack and page for differents pages of application
  2. PositionSource to get latitude and longitude using GPS
  3. Map is used to get latitude and longitude of city
  4. SQLite database is used to get city informations and to store settings
  5. QtMultimediaKit to play Alert and Athan
  6. Row, Column, Label, TextArea, RadioButton ....


It remains to add some options:

  1. I have to use Compass to detect Qibla direction
  2. Active silent profile with XQProfile
  3. Active vibration with xqvibra
  4. Add Home Screen Widget for the application
  5. Add autostart
  6. Add to it all features of my QWidget application ( using QtQuick
  7. Make a MeeGo N9 version

ScreenShots for Symbian^3 version

Scr000014.jpg Scr000006.jpg Scr000015.jpg Scr000007.jpg.jpg


You can download it from

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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