The Nokia Series 40 browser does not seem to take into account the domain of the cookie (Known Issue)

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Series 40
Created: rbelwal (18 Dec 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (10 May 2013)

The Nokia browser does not seem to take into account the domain of the cookie in S40 browser.

In case of cookies having domain attribute, Nokia's cookie implementation restricts sending of those cookies only to domains that have no more than one extra address "block" (i.e. part between dots) when compared to the value of cookie's Domain attribute.Cookie handling of S40 handsets having HTTP Loader Thus, the cookie set with Domain attribute value ".webmail.zzz.com" is not returned to url http://alt.alpo-yyy.webmail.zzz.com/tools/readcookies.aspx since request url's domain has two extra "blocks" ("alt.alpo-yyy") when compared to value of cookie's Domain attribute. But the cookie is returned to urls like http://alpo-yyy.webmail.zzz.com/tools/readcookies.aspx and http://blpo-yyy.webmail.zzz.com/tools/readcookies.aspx since they have only one extra "block".

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