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Themes: Steps to create theme package

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Before you package a theme

Please check the system date and time of the computer where you are packaging the theme. If a date/time is greater then a mobile date/time then the package will not be installed on the target mobile device.

Packaging Themes

Packaging of Themes involves few simple steps as follows.


Select Create New Package from Tools->Create New Package.

Theme Step1.JPG


Select the platform for which the Theme is created.

Theme Step2.JPG


Theme Step4.JPG


If you don't have the self signed certificate it could be created. The unsiged package may not be intalled on the target mobile device.

Theme Step6.png


You need to fill the following details for the creation of certificate.

Theme Step7.PNG


After the set of key and certificate is created it could be saved for future use. This wil reduce your time to create signed certificate each time.

Theme Step8.PNG


The Theme sis is then signed with the certificate.

Theme Step9.PNG

Theme Step10.PNG


The Binary is signed.

Theme Step11.PNG

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