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TouchDevelop - Write Programs on your Windows Phone

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This article explains how to get started with the TouchDevelop software development environment on Windows Phone 7. The TouchDevelop project lets you write programs directly on your Windows Phone in an easy and fun way.

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TouchDevelop is a radically new software development environment by Microsoft Research which allows developers to directly write programs in Windows Phone 7. It is a very easy to learn development environment and comes with hundred of APIs that makes it possible to implement number of ideas directly on your phone and with minimum investment of time.

Features :

  • Any TouchDevelop user can write, edit, install, run and publish scripts directly from the phone.
  • It allows users to access many services of the phone including senses (camera, location, microphone etc), social (email, sms, contacts, calendar etc), languages (translation, speech to text, text to speech etc ), maps, media, player etc . All of the available APIs are listed here : Touch Develop APIs
  • Its IDE provide many features like auto-completion, auto-correction, a calculator of available functions etc that makes it a cream for beginners to code.
  • and many more..

Getting Started with TouchDevelop

Simply, go to the Marketplace on your Windows Phone, search for “TouchDevelop” and install it or go to TouchDevelop – Windows Phone Marketplace

Once you installed it, just watch this video to get the basic concept of TouchDevelop environment: TouchDevelop – Getting Started Video

First Program in TouchDevelop

After watching the getting started video, we are ready to code our first program. Let us write our first fun program that takes audio from the user, convert it into text and then speak that text .

TouchDevelop Program.jpg

Yes ! It takes only two lines to write this program and to execute it, we just need to press the play button. Moreover, you can always view number of scripts published by developers around the world via TouchDevelop on your phone.

Where to go from here

We can now go to the learning section of TouchDevelop which consists of everything we need to learn about TouchDevelop through video tutorials, documentation and a book. TouchDevelop Learning Section

Marketplace Download Link

You can download TouchDevelop application from Windows Phone Marketplace here

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