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Tourschall city audio guide - app showcase

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Tourschall is a location based audio city guide app produced by professionals. The audio guides can be bought directly from within the application. This article is a description of the main app functionality, and the work required to port it from generic QML components to use the Symbian Qt Quick Components

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Created: derconny (01 Mar 2012)
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Tourschall logo.png

You don't fancy carrying big, heavy guidebooks while you want to explore a new city? You are annoyed by large and unwieldy maps?

Tourschall will bring back your peace of mind! Simply start it and it will guide you through town. Thanks to built-in maps and GPS you will always find your way. Get all the information you need from our professional guides - that way you'll never miss out on any highlights!

Available now: Berlin, Cologne, Munich, ... any many more!


Initially the app was created using pure QML because Qt Quick Components have not been available yet. After the components got published we decided to rewrite the UI to give our app a more consistent look and feel with the rest of the applications. We did not have to touch the C++ backend but only had to rewrite the UI layer. In many places we already used our own components with a similar API to the Qt Quick Components, therefore changing the UI was straight forward. The initial rewrite took about 2 days plus some fine-tuning later on. The visual result and performance is now much better.

We could use Qt Quick Components almost everywhere. Additionally we only needed an element to create images with rounded corners and had to do some customizations to the map element.



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Get Tourschall from Nokia Store

Works on Symbian^3, Anna and Belle

More information

More information (mainly German content currently) is available in the following places:

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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