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Created: jhautaka (23 Mar 2009)
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Here is a tiny demo that I did on my spare time. I thought it would be a good idea to share this with you before I dump it somewhere. The application is build on top of the Qt Graphics View Framework and in addition to that it takes advantage of Qt Animation Framework version 2, Qt Animation Framework and Archived:Mobile Extensions (deprecated).

Animations, screen changes and other transitions are all done purely with Qt


If you want to enable the orientation switch effect you must sign the application with certificate that has ReadDeviceData capability.

The source code is completely undocumented and dirty but the application looks kind of cool. Feel free to explore and play with it.

Source code: TubeWiz



TubeWiz Video


On the left hand side there is a dock which contains widgets. By pressing a widget icon ~1 second it is detached from the dock and you can drag and drop it to the widget screen. Widget can be attached back to the dock by doing vice versa. Widget can also be moved around the widget screen just by dragging it.

On the bottom of the screen there is a toolbar which has "Menu" button and by clicking it a menu screen appears.

On the menu screen you can click buttons and drag them by pressing them ~1 second in the same way as detaching widgets from the dock on the widget screen.

When the widget screen is visible you can activate landscape mode by turning your device's right side up.

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